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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SonarQube generate test coverage reports?

SonarQube supports the reporting of test coverage information as part of the analysis of your C/C++/Objective-C project. However, SonarQube does not generate the coverage report itself. Instead, you must set up a third-party tool to produce the report as part of your build process.

What does 100% coverage mean in SonarQube?

Note that 100% coverage does not mean that code has been perfectly tested; it just says that all code has been executed by test cases. Issues in SonarQube do not necessarily represent bugs.

Is there a C++ plugin for SonarQube?

This plugin adds C++ support to SonarQube. It's free plug-in and availble with LGPL-3.0 License. yes, I have. The problem is we have cfamily already installed. We have common server for others so, I just added cxx plugin. Even though I set suffixes for c++ invalid, sonar-scanner is failing, coverage report from cxx wasn't gathered.

What is the SonarQube server?

The SonarQube server is a standalone service which allows you to browse reports from all the different projects which have been scanned. To scan a specific codebase you run the SonarQube scanner. This is a local process that analyses your code then sends reports to the SonarQube server.

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