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Frequently Asked Questions

What is test coverage in SonarQube?

I hope someone with more knowledge about SonarQube can help me understand it. Thank you very much Test coverage (also known as code coverage) corresponds to the proportion of the application code (i.e., code without test and sample code) that is executed by test cases out of all application code of the code base.

What happens if there is no coverage in SonarQube?

A: Since SonarQube 6.2 and the simplification of code coverage support, if no coverage information is found the coverage is then set to zero by default. Q: Why is my coverage on new code blank?

How does SonarQube work?

SonarQube directly supports the import of coverage data in formats native to a variety of tools for a variety of languages. It also supports the import of a generic format that can be used as a target for custom conversion of reports from tools that are not directly supported.

What is the reported code coverage of SonarQube-JaCoCo?

We can see a reported code coverage of 66.7%. Awesome! Click on the sonarqube-jacoco-code-coverage link and we’ll try to drill into exactly how this was calculated. This is a more detailed view of the report. Click on the 66.7% link.

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