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Frequently Asked Questions

What is test coverage in SonarQube?

I hope someone with more knowledge about SonarQube can help me understand it. Thank you very much Test coverage (also known as code coverage) corresponds to the proportion of the application code (i.e., code without test and sample code) that is executed by test cases out of all application code of the code base.

What is the current version of SonarQube?

The current version of sonarqube is The projects are compiled in vs 2017, c# is the language. Thank you. Welcome to the community! This Guide should get you started.

How does SonarQube work?

SonarQube directly supports the import of coverage data in formats native to a variety of tools for a variety of languages. It also supports the import of a generic format that can be used as a target for custom conversion of reports from tools that are not directly supported.

How to generate sonar test reports?

All test reports are automatically generated when you run the maven build. The tricky part is to find the right parameters for Sonar. Not all parameters seem to work with regular expressions and you have to use a comma separated list for those (documentation is not really good in my opinion).

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