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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Ferguson Enterprises make?

Ferguson Enterprises has sales of $16.7 billion, employs 27,000 associates at 1,400 locations across the U.S., including approximately 250 showrooms. Twenty three percent of sales are online.

Where is Ferguson plc located?

Ferguson Plc engages in the supply of plumbing and heating products to professional contractors & consumers; repair, maintenance and improvement and new construction markets through its subsidiaries. The company was founded in 1887 and is headquartered in Wokingham, the United Kingdom. Sources: Factset, Bloomberg, S&P Cap IQ; Forbes.

What was Ferguson's growth in 2019?

Ferguson’s 2019 growth trended on an upward trajectory. The company ended the 2019 fiscal year with sales of $18.4 billion, and reported a growth of 6.2 percent on an organic basis. An additional 4.2 percent of growth came from acquisitions. Ferguson employs over 27,000 associates.

What acquisitions did Ferguson make in 2019 and 2020?

In the 2019 and 2020 fiscal years, Ferguson announced the following acquisitions: Columbia Pipe & Supply "Ferguson agrees to acquire Chicago based distributor Columbia Pipe & Supply". Ferguson Pressroom. 19 February 2019. Retrieved 5 March 2020. S.W. Anderson "Ferguson acquires S.W. Anderson HVAC Supply".

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