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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ferguson Enterprises a Fortune 500 company?

Take a walk along West Florissant Avenue, in Ferguson, Missouri. It is home to a Fortune 500 firm. Also Know, who started Ferguson Enterprises? Ferguson is a company committed to the growth of its business and its people. Founded in 1953 by Charles Ferguson, Ralph Lenz, and Johnny Smither, the company began with a modest $165,000 starting capital. Simply so, who are the owners of Ferguson Enterprises?

How many locations does Ferguson Enterprises have?

How many locations does Ferguson Enterprises have? Company size: 27,000 associates. 1,400 locations. 10 strategically-located distribution centers throughout the US. Serves customers in all 50 states, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

What is Ferguson plumbing?

Ferguson distributes plumbing and HVAC products primarily to repair, maintenance, and improvement, new construction, and civil infrastructure markets. It serves over 1 million customers and ...

Where is Ferguson plumbing corporate office?

Ferguson Enterprises PO Box 2778 12500 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia 23602, USA T: 757-874-7795 F: 757-989-2501 W:

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