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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an enterprise information model?

Enterprise modelling is the abstract representation, description and definition of the structure, processes, information and resources of an identifiable business, government body, or other large organization. It deals with the process of understanding an organization and improving its performance through creation and analysis of enterprise models.

What do you know about Enterprise Information Management?

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) describes: “An integrative discipline for structuring, describing and governing information assets across organizational and technological boundaries to improve efficiency, promote transparency and enable business insight.”

What is enterprise information system?

What Are Enterprise Information Systems? An enterprise information system is a large-scale technological platform that allows a business to merge and systemize all of its processes.

What is Enterprise Information Management?

In a nutshell, enterprise information management is more than a term or an element of something greater. It's a framework of practices that manage information across the scope of an enterprise. Its purpose allows those who need to access the highest quality of information in order to make more informed, efficient and effective business decisions.

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