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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Destiny 2 on Twitch?

Go to the Twitch Stream Manager, and select Extensions from the menu Follow this link or search " Destiny 2 Official Extension " to find the extension on Twitch Once installed, hit 'Configure' to begin connecting a account

What are Twitch gifted sub bounties in Destiny 2?

Twitch Gifted Sub bounties reward Destiny 2 players with some goodies. Here's how to get them. It’s not every day that Destiny 2 veterans need to look up what something is, but here we are. Some players may have noticed a recent TWAB mentioned Twitch Reaction and Gifted Sub bounties in Destiny 2.

How do you get a bounty in Destiny 2?

1: Find a streamer who is streaming their Trials matches. 2: Click on the Destiny 2 overlay. 3: Link your Bungie and Twitch accounts. 4: Watch them play 10 matches and react to them. 5: Check the Viewer Bounties in the Destiny 2 Overlay. 6: When you have completed the bounty, Load into the game and fly to the Tower.

Do I need to connect my Bungie account to twitch?

Yes, even if previously linked for Prime Gaming rewards streamers and viewers will need to connect their account to Twitch to setup the extension for their stream or to participate in viewer bounties. Was this article helpful?

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