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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Twitch Prime rewards in Destiny 2?

Twitch Prime Rewards are now available in Destiny 2! Bungie has teamed up with Twitch Prime to deliver in-game rewards to any player with an active Twitch Prime membership. Once you have your membership (if not, start your free trial here ), visit this page and link your account to start receiving your six monthly gear drops.

How do I claim Destiny 2 Prime gaming?

Go to the Destiny 2 Prime Gaming website and connect your account by trying to claim your monthly drop. PLEASE NOTE! If a wrong account has been linked during any of the previous steps, you will need to unlink each link then relink with the correct account.

How does Amazon Prime gaming work in Destiny 2?

Part of Amazon Prime's membership includes Prime Gaming, the system that allows players to earn this free-game loot. Although Prime Gaming is not necessary to earn these rewards, it's a nice added benefit if it's something that Destiny 2 players already have. Players can redeem these rewards by linking their Amazon Prime and Bungie accounts.

What's new in Destiny 2?

As Destiny 2 continues to go from strength to strength, Prime Gaming offers fans something to be excited about with some extra loot drops for Guardians to enjoy.

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