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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a project manager’s actual authority?

The project manager will have varying degrees of authority where the forces of time, function, technical task, and organizational environment become prime determinants of his actual authority. These forces are all in constant interaction with each other during the life of the project.

Why choose Authority property management?

Owners and landlords look to Authority Property Management for true service-oriented solutions. We are a professional property management company in Redding, CA, offering several services. We offer a One-Time placement service, where we find tenants for you and handle everything up until they move in.

What is an “authority?

First, it can refer to a specific party that has the power or right to enforce decisions, laws, or rulings. Police officers, for example, are considered to be “authorities”.

Do you have the authority to deliver the project?

If you are going to be fully and solely responsible for delivering the project then you need the authority to get the resources you need when you need them, to control the project costs and budget, to oversee and manage changes to the project and to maintain and enhance client relationship to name just a few of the areas you must have authority in.

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