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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PM stand for?

PM stands for “post meridiem,” meaning “after noon” or “after midday,” and as such applies to the times from noon onward. English-speaking countries have been using the “AM” and “PM” abbreviations...

What is the correct way to write AM and PM?

There are a few generally accepted ways to write these abbreviations in your writing. The first and most common way to write them is with lowercase “a.m.” and “p.m.” This way requires periods, and both Chicago Style and AP Style recommend this way of writing the abbreviations.

What is the difference between AM and PM?

• AM stands for Ante Meridiem, which means before noon, whereas PM stands for Post Meridiem, which means after noon. This is the main difference between the two abbreviations. • Some say, AM stands for ‘after midnight.’

What does pm and are mean in medicine?

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), also known as physiatry, is a medical specialty that seeks to promote healing and rehabilitation of patients who have suffered injury or disability.

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