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Frequently Asked Questions

What is non figurative art?

Definition of Non figurative art. The sources from which individual artists drew their theoretical arguments were diverse, and reflected the social and intellectual preoccupations in all areas of Western culture at that time.

What is an example of figurative art?

Figurative Art. A popular example of an artwork in this style is a painting called Christina’s World, painted by American painter Andrew Wyeth in 1948. It shows a woman in a field looking towards a distant house. The painting features great detail and is very realistic. It can be found in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

What is nonrepresentational art?

Fundamentally, nonrepresentational art is work that does not represent or depict a being, place, or thing.

What does non representational mean in art?

Representational art looks like something recognizable. Non representational or abstract art is a visual image that is intended to provoke some response without being a picture/sculpture of something. Nearly all western art was representational through the impressionists.

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