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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of artists?

The broad categories of art break down further into specialties. Sub-categories of art include chalk and charcoal drawing, pen and ink sketching, and painting with oils and watercolors. Engraving, lithography, wood carving, dance and acting are other sub-categories of art disciplines.

What is the Best Art?

The Best Art. The Best Art is an artistic collaboration between the computer (MacBook Air, 13-inch, early 2015), and the human (Nicole He). The computer queries the universe and uses an algorithm to objectively calculate the best art for any given moment in time. The human executes the commands. Follow new projects here or on Twitter.

Are artists the important mediators of society?

Are artists the important mediators of society? Artists are the most important members of the society because they help us to envision our thought that may not be tolerated in the social and...

Can You separate the artists from their art?

One of the common answers to that question has been repeated so often it has come to seem as though it's an ontologically self-evident truth: You must separate the artist from the art. Separating the artist from the art, this argument goes, is the best way to approach all art, no matter what you are trying to get from it.

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