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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MPC studio?

Welcome to your studio. At under one-inch thin, with low-profile controls and a brushed aluminum body, MPC Studio made to move. MPC Studio merges real MPC pads, iconic workflow, and the same MPC Software used by MPC Renaissance to give you a fully integrated portable production solution. Welcome to production anywhere. The world is now your studio.

What is a typical MPC studio audio set up?

A typical MPC Studio audio set up is shown below: Here the MPC Studio is connected to your computer via USB, but all audio generated by the MPC Software is simply output from your computer’s audio interface.

How do I install the MPC software?

You’ll first install the hardware driver; this handles all audio and controller messages with your computer – after installing, reboot your computer. Then install the MPC Software itself (‘Install Software’), and then the MPC ‘Content’ (the library of sounds).

How do I set up the MPC Renaissance?

The set up for the MPC Renaissance is as follows: This time, your audio ‘output’ cables are plugged directly into the Ren’s ‘L and R’ stereo outputs and these in turn are routed to your studio’s audio system (via a hardware mixer).

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