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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qt and how can I use it?

Qt is used to deliver fast and efficient code, it is used by large companies to bring high quality apps to the user, and those (companies) are the minority, but they produce usually the most wanted apps. Think of Qt as a framework for killer apps, that’s why you have this perception that Qt is dying.

What does Qt mean in medical terms?

The abbreviation QT may have a few different meanings. However, what does the abbreviation QT stand for in medical terms? QT medical abbreviation, what does it mean? In science & medicine, the medical abbreviation QT stands for Quantity. What is TPV/r medical abbreviation?

What does the name QT mean?

qt noun Abbreviation for quiet. Also Q.T. or q.t. Used in the expression on the Q.T., meaning "secretly" or "in confidence." qt noun cutie - a homophone derived from the pronunciation of "QT". qt noun Quality Time, as in "spending some good QT with LD". QT and DL are interchangeable in the English-speaking world.

What does Qt mean on an EKG?

What Does Qt On Ecg Mean? Electrocardiograms (ECGs) contain the Q-T interval which represents the amount of time the electrical system needs to recharge or flash before being ignited. To translate this as ‘the time it takes for the heart to contract’. What Is Qt Heart Condition? Overview.

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