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Frequently Asked Questions

What Hot Wheels are coming to the 2022 mystery models?

As if there weren’t enough Hot Wheels lines to chase these days — with subsequent #Chase pieces — the Hot Wheels team has front-loaded the 2022 #Mystery Models with some pretty desirable Hot Wheels: the #Porsche 993 GT2, #’92 BMW M3, and everyone’s favorite hype-generating money-maker, the #’71 Datsun 510.

What's the 2011 mystery models series?

2011 Mystery Models Series # Casting Name Body Color 1 Custom '11 Camaro Yellow 2 24 Ours Blue 3 '71 Dodge Challenger White 4 '65 Ford Ranchero Blue 20 more rows ...

How many vehicles were in the first series of mystery models?

The first series of Mystery Models for 2022 consisted of the following 10 vehicles. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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