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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest Hotwheels car?

Hot Wheels Mach Speeder. Hot Wheels GT Hunter. Hot Wheels FTE Way 2 Fast. Hot Wheels FTE Cadillac V16 Concept. How Wheels Probe Funny Car. Hot Wheels Ferrari F40. These are some of the fastest Hot Wheels in production. How fast a Hot Wheel is will vary based on its weight, design, and how well it rolls.

Are Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels cars the same?

Since both Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars are now produced by the same company there are some similarities but there are still some differences between the two cars as well. Both Hot Wheels and Matchbox are diecast cars and roughly around the same size. Matchbox cars tend to lean toward realism while Hot Wheels lean toward flashiness. Hot Wheels have more fancy elements, stickers, and flash to them. Matchbox cars are modeled and typically look more like real cars.

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