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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Timothy the ghost?

Investigators ruled it as a normal tragic train accident with mechanical failure to the controls as the course of the crash. The legend goes on to say that Timothy is now a ghost, some damned soul cursed to ride the rails forever. Many workmen have seen it, but these supernatural occurrences did not come often.

What happened when Timothy set off on the train?

And with that, the little engine set off. Timothy was soon puffing down the line in the countryside, with the rails humming and the carriages clattered behind him. The moon was full, the signals were down and the wind was blowing gracefully. As they approach the first station... it happened.

What happened to Timothy and his crew?

"I'M GONNA SEND YOU ALL THE GRAVEYARD!!!!" he bellowed in a deep demonic voice as he charged to the edge of the cliff. Timothy crashed threw the blockade and he, along with his crew, the coaches and passengers fell to their deaths below.

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