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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Ghost Train?

In the story it is said the Ghost Train is to be Timothy, an engine who looks likes Thomas himself. Much like the "Untold Story of Timothy", this is my version of it in a story telling way and with a twist to it serving as a flashback and to make it like it really happened.

Is the ghost of Timothy haunting the viaduct?

However many witnesses didn't know that it was the ghost of Timothy, haunting the viaduct but nobody really knew whether to believe it or not... but it was, according to those who had heard about the story.

What is the story of Timothy?

The story of Timothy is a "Creepypasta" on the internet, explaining how he was in the original cut of the TV episode Ghost Train but was cut out in fear of being too frightening for the target audience.

What story does Thomas tell Percy and Toby about Timothy?

Thomas tells Percy and Toby a ghost story about an engine named Timothy. Timothy (white tank engine, ghost appears in flashback, real version only mentioned)

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