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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word eversion mean?

Eversion. Eversion (from the verb "evert") is the process of turning inside-out. Eversion may refer to: Eversion (kinesiology), the anatomical term of motion denoting the movement of the sole of the foot away from the median plane Eversion (mathematics), the process of turning a shape inside out without causing creases; in particular,...

Is eversion the same as supination?

Inversion (i.e. - inversion ankle sprains) is often used interchangeably with supination, as is eversion with pronation, but they aren't exactly the same. So to answer your question: Inversion occurs at the hindfoot (heel) as the calcaneous/heel moves in the direction that the bottom of your foot faces inward.

What is eversion in medical terms?

Eversion is a movement in which the plantar surface of the foot rotates away from the mid-line of the body. Another way to describe this movement is to say that the plantar surface (sole) of the foot turns laterally, i.e. turns outwards. Eversion of the foot is demonstrated and compared with inversion (of the foot) in the following video clip.

What is the opposite of eversion?

Definition of Eversion. When you do so, you'll be standing on the inside of your foot. The opposite of eversion is inversion, which is when you stand on the outside edge of your foot. Eversion and inversion are movements of the ankle in the frontal plane, which means the movements run parallel to the front and back of your body.

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