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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story of the game eversion?

Eversion is a short platform game for Microsoft Windows by British indie studio Zaratustra Productions. It features a small flower-like protagonist named Zee Tee, who is on a quest to rescue a princess named Nehema from the evil Ghulibas of the North, collecting gems along the way, much in the plot-style of early Mario games.

Is eversion a good game?

Eversion is a notable game that shouldn't put off potential players with its innocent graphics. There's much more than a pretty platformer behind Eversion... but it's up to you, the player, to find out more.

What is evereversion?

Eversion's twist is that there are multiple layers of reality with different amounts of danger. You can switch between these dimensions at "everse" points, areas scattered throughout each level.

How do you play the game easyeversion?

Eversion plays like a rather generic platformer. You can walk and jump, and collect gems (sometimes hidden in coin blocks). If you get all of the gems in every level, you unlock a secret level with the "good" ending.

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