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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills in DBT?

DBT teaches a variety of skills that are grouped into the following four categories: Mindfulness. Distress Tolerance. Emotion Regulation. Interpersonal Effectiveness. Patients in DBT also learn problem-solving skills. DBT places a strong emphasis on learning to solve the problems in your life as a way to build a sustainable life worth living.

What is DBT therapy worksheets?

The worksheet is used alongside the “E” in IMPROVE, and encourages self-encouragement. The DBT worksheet has several blank spaces for the individual to add uplifting quotes, song lyrics, comments or reality acceptance statements to encourage the individual.

What are some DBT techniques?

Some of the more general techniques and approaches used in DBT include: Incorporating the concept of mindfulness: Although the notion of mindfulness is often presented as a new concept, it is a very old and established concept in many forms of CBT.

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