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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Citrix storefront work?

Citrix recommends securing communications between StoreFront and users’ devices using Citrix Gateway and HTTPS. To use HTTPS, StoreFront requires that the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) instance hosting the authentication service and associated stores is configured for HTTPS.

How do I configure pass-through authentication from Citrix gateway to storefront?

However, by default, pass-through authentication is only enabled for users logging on to Citrix Gateway with a password. To configure pass-through authentication from Citrix Gateway to StoreFront for smart card users, delegate credential validation to Citrix Gateway.

What is Citrix®?

Citrix® is a web interface that provides off site access to your EMR and other applications; such as Accuro, Internet Explorer, Files & Folders, etc. 2. WHAT IS REQUIRED TO ACCESS CITRIX®?

How does Citrix storefront integrate with SAML authentication?

With the integration of SAML authentication through StoreFront, administrators can allow users to, for example, log on once to their corporate network and then get single sign-on to their published apps. Implementation of the Citrix Federated Authentication Service.

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