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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Accuro?

Accuro is a progressive trust and private office company that is wholly management- and staff-owned. The way we operate is driven and shaped by a unique vision, one that is made only possible by our independence.

What is Accuro EMR?

Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Nova Scotia Resources Move to Accuro EMR Migrating from your current system to a new EMR is one of the largest and most complex projects a healthcare organization can undertake. Not only is Accuro the #1 EMR system of choice for Healthcare Providers in Canada, but we strive to make your transition seamless.

What do you like most about Accuro?

I have found Accuro’s delivery to be very fast. Every time I go to the Accuro system to see if a statement or document is available, it is ready to go! They are doing a great job for us, keep up the good work! Accuro’s quality and guaranteed next day service creates time for fee earners to do what they do best.

What is Accuro medical billing software?

Accuro Medical Billing Software is designed to improve billing accuracy and help maximize revenues with full submission, reconciliation, and resubmission functionality. Explore Medical Billing Software

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