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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cargosprintpay payment platform?

SprintPay payment platform was developed by CargoSprint to deliver fast payments to vendors. Adding Dwolla—to automate CargoSprint’s ACH payout processes—was the difference between walking and sprinting. “Our return on investment was almost immediate,” says Josh Wolf, CargoSprint CEO.

What is cargosprint's mission?

Working fast means everything to CargoSprint. As a software toolbox that was founded in 2012, CargoSprint’s mission is to help alleviate airport congestion and streamline the payment and cargo pick-up process while enhancing customer experience. The company offers a suite of products designed to increase efficiency in the cargo industry.

What if I don't have a cargosprint account?

If you do not have a CargoSprint Account please click Register Below. To enhance security, select transactions may undergo a verification process. Although no delays are expected in service, please address any concerns to your DSV contact.

What is paycargo and how does it work?

PayCargo is your all-in-one logistics payment platform for faster release of cargo. Traditionally, it takes up to three days for your cargo to be released. Not anymore. With PayCargo, your payment is instantly sent to your logistics provider and your cargo is released the same day, sometimes within a few hours.

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