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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the synonym of guest?

1 a person who visits another. invited the afternoon guests to stay for dinner. Synonyms for guest. caller, drop-in, frequenter, visitant, visitor. houseguest.

What is guest mode?

Guest mode is ideal for: Letting others borrow your computer, or borrowing someone else’s computer. Using a public computer, like one at a library or cafe. If you want to browse privately on your own computer, use Incognito mode.

How do I open guest mode in chrome?

Open Guest mode 1 On your computer, open Chrome. 2 At the top right, click Profile . 3 Click Guest. More ...

What is a weekend guest?

a. a person who receives hospitality at the home of another: a weekend guest. b. (as modifier): the guest room. 3. a. a person who receives the hospitality of a government, establishment, or organization.

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