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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sciences Po Lyon located?

Located in the heart of the city centre, the Lyon campus spans close to 8,000 m2 on the banks of the river Rhône. This historical site, which used to be home to the Military Health School, hosts the Sciences Po Lyon administrative departments, three large lecture halls, dozens of classrooms, a library and a cafeteria.

Where do Sciences Po students come from?

49% of Sciences Po students come from outside France “ Sciences Po is a unique university for its teachers, its values, its history, its students and its diversity. We are all so different and yet each of us finds our own place here.

When is the application deadline for Sciences Po Lyon?

Application Deadline: March 1 for the fall semester/academic year and spring priority; September 1 for the spring semester Look back on this live Q&A with our peer advisor Cian Grourke, who studied in Lyon in 2017, and exchange student from Sciences Po Lyon, Nina Drapala.

What programmes does Sciences Po offer?

Sciences Po offers programmes from the undergraduate to the doctorate level: ● The Undergraduate College: Students obtain a Bachelor’s degree ● Graduate Schools: Master's degrees are completed in two years in one of our seven schools, all located on the Paris campus

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