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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sciences Po Lyon?

Sciences Po Lyon was established following an executive decree by General de Gaulle in 1948. [3] In common with the other instituts d'études politiques (IEP, English: Institutes of Political Studies) in France, it was modelled on the former École Libre des Sciences Politiques (ELSP) in Paris.

Where do Sciences Po students come from?

49% of Sciences Po students come from outside France “ Sciences Po is a unique university for its teachers, its values, its history, its students and its diversity. We are all so different and yet each of us finds our own place here.

What are the pre-academic requirements to study at Sciences Po Lyon?

We recommend you to have a B2 level in French or in English depending on the language of the courses you plan on following. Before the start of each semester, Sciences Po Lyon offers a pre-academic module of 40 hours to all enrolling students. This is called Start’ Sciences Po Lyon.

What is Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lyon?

The Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lyon (or Lyon Institute of Political Studies) also known as Sciences Po Lyon, is a grande école located in Lyon, France. It is one of ten Institutes of Political Studies in France, and was established in 1948 by Charles de Gaulle 's provisional government...

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