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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ariana Grande have a perfume?

The perfume Cloud by ARIANA Grande was released in September 2018. It’s one of a collection of fragrances that she has released including RE, M, Sweet Like Candy, Thank U Next, Moonlight, and Ari. How much does Ariana Grande’s cloud perfume cost?

Is Ariana Grande a Starbucks drink?

In 2019, Ariana Grande and Starbucks teamed up to release a new drink called the Cloud Macchiato, of which Grande was the beverage's ambassador, according to The pop icon took to Twitter to promote the coffee order, and shared photos of herself wearing a Starbucks apron, posing with baristas, and enjoying the drink with her adorable pups.

What is going on with Ariana Grande?

With a voice like *that* it only makes sense for the powerhouse to take her talents to The Voice. Ariana Grande just shared some exciting news — and no, it isn't about her wedding (yet). The 27-year-old pop star will be serving as a coach on the next season of NBC's singing competition, The Voice.

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