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Frequently Asked Questions

What is line and how does it work?

From Photo and Video Sharing to Voice Messages. LINE lets you share photos, videos, voice messages, contacts, and location information in the moment.

What is line today?

LINE始終陪伴在你身旁。 超越通訊軟體,LINE為用戶建構全新的溝通型態與豐富的數位生活,成為用戶生活中不可或缺的平台。 最即時的新聞、影音、運動賽事和娛樂內容直播,讓你話題永不斷線,LINE TODAY陪伴您的每一天! 追蹤最愛創作客、精彩影音隨時看 分享生活大小事、熱門話題不錯過!

What is the difference between Line and WhatsApp?

However, Whatsapp, Viber, and WeChat are very similar applications that send messages using the internet and not your airtime, just like LINE. LINE is a great, free app that saves you money by using the internet to send instant messages and calls. LINE provides a great gateway into a future of free messaging. Should you download it?

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