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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ariana Grande a fashion icon?

When Ariana Grande first hit the scene, I didn’t consider her a blossoming fashion icon. During her rise to fame on Nickelodeon, she had yet to figure out her own personal style —instead, she let that iconic red hair make a statement for her!

What did Ariana Grande wear on the red carpet in 2012?

We saw a lot of A-line skirts, flared dresses, tulle and feathers. Gracing more prestigious events for the first time she was seen in formal wear and cocktail attire. As she entered into 2012 Ariana Grande’s red carpet style was filled with floor length gowns and maxi dresses. At 19 she was often wearing cute colourful pumps and sneakers.

Can you buy Ariana Grande's wedding dress?

Grande’s gorgeous custom wedding dress was Vera Wang, so of course the iconic designer rounds out our list! While you certainly can’t buy her dress, there are lots of other gorgeous Wang pieces to splurge on this summer.

Is Ariana Grande's hair still important?

While Grande’s hair is still an important part of her signature look (although now it’s all about the ponytail, not the hue) her style has seriously evolved over the last few years and she’s now a bona fide style icon. That’s why I’m so invested in shopping Ariana Grande’s outfits and fave clothing brands, as I’m sure you are, too.

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