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Frequently Asked Questions

Does x64 mean 64 bit?

x64 means "64 bit processors" whereas x86 means, in effect "designed for Intel processors of 32 or 64 bit architectures". x86 denotes 32 bit processing, and x64 denotes 64 bit processing, but does not mean that x86 is only for 32 processors; 64 bit processors are backwards compatible with 32 bit applications and software.

What is better x64 or x86?

up vote 3 down vote. x86 is a 32 bit instruction set, x86_64 is a 64 bit instruction set... the difference is simple architecture. in case of windows os you better use the x86/32bit version for compatibility issues. in case of Linux you will not be able to use a 64 bit s/w if the os does not have the long mode flag.

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