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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to issue a 1099 NEC?

Report your independent contractor payments with confidence on Form 1099-NEC. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that businesses file Form 1099-NEC to record payments made to independent contractors. The new form replaces using Form 1099-MISC for these types of payments.

Do I need to issue 1099 NEC?

The basic rule is that you must file a 1099-NEC form with the IRS if you pay an unincorporated independent contractor $600 or more during a year for rental-related services. It makes no difference whether the sum was one payment for a single job or the total of many small payments for multiple jobs.

Who must receive a 1099 NEC?

So who gets a 1099-NEC? Typically, this form is issued to independent contractors, janitorial services, third-party accounts and any other worker paid for services who is not on the payroll. But like many IRS regulations, it’s not quite so simple. Let’s look at some factors that help determine whether a 1099-NEC is needed. 1.

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