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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pinning ceremony?

The pinning ceremony is a special way to recognize the hard work it takes to complete your nursing education. Later in their career, Colorado nurses can also be nominated for Colorado Nightingale Luminary Awards that recognize nursing excellence. If you are feeling the call to become a nurse, Denver College of Nursing can help.

What is a pinning ceremony at Denver College of Nursing?

After completing their education at Denver College of Nursing, in addition to attending a graduation ceremony, nursing students will also attend a pinning ceremony. This time-honored tradition is different from the formal graduation, and many nurses say it’s even more meaningful.

How does a nursing student dedicate a pin?

The nursing student selects a significant person in their life to dedicate the pin to. On the day of the ceremony, those individuals accompany the graduates onstage. A faculty member hands that person a pin, and they in turn place the pin on the graduate to show they have accepted the graduate’s dedication.

What is a Nightingale ceremony?

These ceremonies also often include a candle-lighting or lamp-lighting ceremony, which commemorates Nightingale's nighttime aid to wounded soldiers by candlelight, and the reciting of the Nightingale Pledge, the International Council of Nurses Pledge, or another similar pledge.

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