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Frequently Asked Questions

What is poorly differentiated cancer?

“Poorly differentiated” refers to cancer cells that have more abnormalities and look less like normal cancer cells. Poorly differentiated thyroid cancer is uncommon, accounting for fewer than 5% of thyroid cancers.

What is a poorly differentiated tumor?

What does poorly differentiated mean? Pathologists use the term poorly differentiated to describe tumours made up of cancer cells that look very abnormal compared to normal cells, non-cancerous cells. Cancer cells can be described as poorly differentiated based on their shape, size, or colour.

What is poorly differentiated carcinoma?

Poorly differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma is a type of colon cancer. It starts from the neuroendocrine cells normally found in the colon. Poorly differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma can develop anywhere along the length of the colon from the cecum to the rectum. It is an aggressive type of cancer that often present at a late stage .

What does moderately differentiated liver cancer mean?

Moderately differentiated: G3: High-grade. Poorly differentiated. Generally more aggressive. ... This usually means that the cancer has spread beyond the areas that can be removed surgically. ... It often is a sign that the cancer has spread to either the liver or to the portal vein that goes to the liver, or that the cancer involves the ...

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