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Frequently Asked Questions

What is walletwallethub and how do I use it?

WalletHub helps you achieve top WalletFitness with free credit scores and reports that are updated on a daily basis, as well as free 24/7 credit monitoring, customized credit-improvement advice and personalized money-saving tips.

Is WalletHub a good credit monitoring site?

One thing they don’t ask for: a credit card number. Yes, WalletHub is another credit monitoring site that keeps its word and is completely free to use. It should also be noted that, like similar sites, signing up for and using WalletHub will not affect your score.

What services does WalletHub offer?

WalletHub offers consulting services that enable its customers to find, compare, and choose credit card and others service providers. WalletHub was founded by Odysseas Papadimitriou in 2013.

How has WalletHub changed since last year?

WalletHub hasn't changed much since we reviewed it last year; the biggest new features are the excellent Android and iOS apps. Besides the mobile apps, the service added more proactive monitoring and alerts, detailed advice on improving your credit score, and deeper explanations on why your credit score changed.

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