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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Verizon cover?

Verizon Fios offers internet service across nine states with the greatest coverage in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Fiber-optic internet from Verizon Fios is available to an estimated 34.8 million people, making it the 2nd largest residential fiber provider in the U.S. by coverage area.

Does att or Verizon have better coverage?

Verizon has better overall 4G LTE coverage and network speeds in the United States compared to AT&T. However, AT&T's coverage is practically neck and neck with Verizon, and it claims the superior 5G network.

Where does Verizon cover?

Verizon covers 3894 cities across the country. Below are the cities with the highest availability - if you live in one of the cities below, Verizon is a great service option for your home. Top Cities Verizon Covers New York, NY

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