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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by vector?

"A vector is anything that can pass on an infection to another organism," says Aiello. So a mosquito is definitely a vector. Its root is a Latin word that means "to carry."

What is a vector described by?

As explained above a vector is often described by a set of vector components that add up to form the given vector. Typically, these components are the projections of the vector on a set of mutually perpendicular reference axes (basis vectors). The vector is said to be decomposed or resolved with respect to that set.

What are vectors, and how are they used?

Vectors are used in science to describe anything that has both a direction and a magnitude. They are usually drawn as pointed arrows, the length of which represents the vector's magnitude. A quarterback's pass is a good example, because it has a direction (usually somewhere downfield) and a magnitude (how hard the ball is thrown).

What is vector meaning?

vectored; vectoring\ ˈvek-​t(ə-​)riŋ \. Definition of vector (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to guide (something or someone, such as an airplane, its pilot, or a missile) in flight by means of a radioed vector. 2 : to change the direction of (the thrust of a jet engine) for steering.

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