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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a user story map?

How to create a user story map in 7 steps Step 1: Frame the journey Step 2: Build your story backbone Step 3: Identify and group activities Step 4: Break large tasks into subtasks Step 5: Fill in the blanks Step 6: Prioritize tasks and subtasks (but leave your backbone as is) Step 7: “Slice” groups of tasks into iterations

What is a user story template?

A user story template should also include conditions of satisfaction — or acceptance criteria — that clarify the desired outcome. This information helps the development team understand how to build the new functionality and test that it meets the end user’s requirements.

What is a story map template?

Using a story map template helps you keep track of the most important parts of the plot of a story including the main characters, the setting, the key events, the conflict, and the resolution. Students typically use story map worksheet to visually organize the elements of fiction writing. With it, they can follow a plot’s linear progression.

Is your user story map outdated?

Like any planning tool, a user story map is outdated the second you walk out of the room. Keep it updated and relevant. Add in new information or users and mark off what’s been done and continue to use it. Just imagine walking into a sprint review with your map, showing stakeholders where progress has been made and marked complete.

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