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Frequently Asked Questions

What is US offshore wind 2023?

Backed by a brand you can trust, the Reuters Events: US Offshore Wind 2023 will deliver everything you need to know about US offshore wind markets and supply chain activity, helping you to resolve development bottlenecks and facilitate a multitude of supply chain matchmaking activity. A convergence of the most influential Offshore Wind Leaders

When is the US offshore wind conference and exhibition?

The U.S. Offshore Wind conference and exhibition will take place on July 18-19, 2022 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston and will feature more than 60 speakers across two tracks, 60+ exhibition booths, more than 40 hours of networking time and six breakfast briefings.

What is the US offshore wind industry boom?

The US offshore wind industry boom, projected to generate over 30 GW of power in eight East and West Coast states by 2030, presents a $70 billion CAPEX revenue opportunity to businesses in the U.S. supply chain. An unprecedented 1,000 GW of U.S. offshore wind resource remains untapped, waiting to be unleashed!

Does Everyone support offshore wind development?

Not everyone supports offshore wind development. The Biden administration's ambitions have stoked concerns among commercial fishermen and coastal communities about harm to their livelihoods and property values.

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