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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TwinSpires a safe horse betting site?

So, to answer the initial question, yes, TwinSpires is a safe. Also, legitimate site located in the United States. They are also one of the best sites to use if you enjoy horse racing, which is why they are so popular. The BetUS and MyBookie racebooks are also great. If you're looking to bet on the Derby, then look no further.

Can I Bet online at TwinSpires from Alabama?

Can I Bet Online at TwinSpires From Alabama? Sorry you are prohibited from opening an online betting account at TwinSpires if you happen to live in Alabama but have no fear as there are plenty of international online racebooks more than happy to take your bets including on this year's Kentucky Derby.

Can I bet on TwinSpires from Missouri?

Missouri is one of the states where residents cannot play on but have no fear, there are dozens of internationally licensed online race book sites that are happy to take bets on this year's Kentucky Derby from those living in Missouri and they do not require you to provide a social security number.

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