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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is turturrisi properties?

Turrisi Properties is a multi award-winning, Brisbane-based property developer specialising in residential and mixed-use developments in strategic locations.

What is the bar Turrisi?

This bottle contains in itself the main concepts of the Bar Turrisi The almond wine which according to tradition was born in this place and the concept of the Phallus as a representation of the divine fortune and prosperity. Bottle with unique design of the Bar Turrisi

Who is Francesco Turrisi?

Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi has been defined a “musical alchemist” and a “musical polyglot” by the press. He left his native Italy in 1997 to study jazz piano and early music at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where he obtained a Bachelor and a Master’s degree.

Where can I find all the products of Turrisi?

Welcome to Turrisi Store, here you can find all the Turrisi bar products. From the aphrodisiac almonds wine to the red Sicilian wine, from the pastries with almonds to the Turrisi's gadget. We hope you will find what you are looking for!

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