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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of TV shows are on Treehouse TV?

This is a list of programs broadcast by Treehouse TV, a Canadian television channel for preschoolers launched on November 1, 1997. It is owned by Corus Entertainment (formerly owned by Shaw Communications ), airing both live-action and animated programs. 1 Ended but still airing for reruns. Baby Shark's Big Show! Blue's Clues & You! Emma! Pirates!

How can I Share my feedback with Treehouse TV?

We want to hear from you! To share your feedback, please email us at [email protected]

What are Nick and Sally playing in their treehouse?

Nick and Sally are playing in their treehouse. Nick wonders what it would be like to stay up in that tree all the time. The Cat in the Hat has friends who know what it's like, and he takes them to Jimmer Jammer Jungle to meet animals that live in trees. The Queen needs peace and quiet, but Mike goes about achieving it in the wrong way.

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