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Frequently Asked Questions

What is treetreehouse rehab?

Treehouse Rehab is a JCAHO-certified residential drug and alcohol treatment center located in Scurry, TX. It employs best, research-proven practices in executing its role of helping drug addicts recover their lives, and live with a purpose once again.

Why Tree House recovery in California?

Let Tree House Recovery in California become your new training ground. We are a community of men that embraces men like you: men who are ready to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction, turn their lives around and find a way of life that is better, today and every day.

What are the benefits of the treehouse?

Among many benefits, The Treehouse in Scurry, TX provides for 100 percent patient confidentiality, individualized treatments, physical wellness activities as well as mentorship support.

Why choose our Texas alcohol and drug rehab center?

Each patient who comes to our Texas alcohol and drug rehab center will receive the highest quality of addiction care. Individuals are placed in the program that best meets their current needs, and unique treatment plans are designed with their recovery goals in mind.

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