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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Tracker Boats manufactured?

All Tracker Marine Group Boats, and their accompanying trailers, are manufactured in plants located in southern Missouri, Flippin Arkansas,Midway Arkansas and Miami, Oklahoma. The company headquarters is located in Springfield, Missouri.

Who manufactures bass Tracker Boats?

It is the #1 boat manufacturer in the United States and specializes in fishing and recreational boats. It was founded in 1978 by John Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops. The company is currently owned by Bass Pro Shops, and is most popular for the Bass Tracker, the first fish-ready bass boat.

What is a grizzly tracker boat?

The all-welded TRACKER® GRIZZLY® 1754 SC jon boat package is a rugged mid-sized john that's adaptable for fishing, hunting or general utility work.

What is boat tracking?

Boat tracking allows you to monitor the boats in your fleet to respond more accurately to distress calls when customers have a problem on the water. NetTrack’s river barge and boat tracking application features easy-to-use mapping and alerting, so you can provide dispatchers with the most recent location of your river-borne assets.

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