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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fill out a tournament bracket?

Fill out your bracket -- Pick a winner for every game of each round, with those winners facing off in each subsequent round, until only one team remains. That's your champion. Don't forget the tiebreaker: predicting the final score of the championship game; click "Submit"

What is Sweet Sixteen bracket?

Yes the “Sweet Sixteen” also refers to a teenager’s 16th birthday, but we’re talking about the eight games in this part of the bracket that will feature a mix of 16 teams vying for one of the eight spots in the next round — the Elite Eight.

What is a bracket tournament?

What is a Tournament Bracket. A “tournament bracket” is a sequence or series of games between participating teams involved in a single-elimination competition. A tournament bracket is referred to as such because of its resemblance to square bracket punctuation marks when written or typed onto paper. You can see an example of a bracket below:

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