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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can Sierra tiny houses deliver a house?

From our location in Northern California or Northern Nevada, our company can deliver a house to anywhere in the US. Check out our featured tiny home models below to learn more. Sierra Tiny Houses occasionally has completed tiny houses for sale.

Is there a tiny house for sale in California?

The Pacific Coast Traveler tiny house for sale in California offers many conveniences for a new owner. It’s currently located in the Park Delta Bay RV and tiny home community. You can easily take over the lot lease–no need to hunt for a parking spot!

Who is tinysierra tiny houses?

Sierra Tiny Houses is a Northern California and Northern Nevada tiny house builder. We have different models of our tiny houses on wheels (THOW) to give you a variety of solutions to meet your budget and your lifestyle.

Is there a tiny house curriculum in California?

We have been a part of some of the most groundbreaking tiny house bills across the country, starting right here in California. As enthusiastic advocates for construction-education, we've also partnered with CTE and ROP programs throughout the state to introduce tiny house curriculum to schools everywhere we can.

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