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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really no atheists?

Some Christians maintain that there are no atheists. They believe, of course, that some people profess to be atheists. But according to them these people suffer from a form of self-delusion. The doubters insist that in their heart of hearts people who profess not to believe in God really do.

Do atheists really believe there is no God?

Yes, there is a difference between non-belief and unbelief, but there is no refuge here for the atheist. Atheists no longer believe there is no God, apparently. Instead, they merely lack belief in the divine. They are not un-believers. They are simply non-believers. And non-belief is not a claim, so it requires no defense.

Is there anything wrong with being an atheist?

It is wrong to be a atheist. If atheists are wrong they have lost every thing. Atheism is just an excuse for people to not follow rules of a religion. The religion (no matter what idiots say, it is) literaly supports anarchy, because there is no laws.

Is it possible that God is an atheist?

So yes, God, being rational, is an atheist—he does not accept the proposition that he exists (as God). [3] [1] It might be said that God’s knowledge of his omniscience and Godhood follows trivially from his omniscience: if he knows everything, then he knows this fact and that he is God.

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