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Frequently Asked Questions

What is theory11 goal?

One Goal. theory11 is the largest producer of luxury, designer playing cards. To date, we’ve designed and produced 78 unique playing card designs. Our goal in playing card design is simple: to push the envelope and create the most breathtaking, innovative, elegant designs.

Who is the CEO of theory11?

Jonathan Bayme serves as CEO of theory11, strategist for The United States Playing Card Company, and a writer and consultant to legendary illusionist David Copperfield. Ari Bayme has been an advisor to theory11 since the company's inception.

Why choose theory11 playing cards?

theory11 playing cards are the favored choice of the world’s best card players - from poker players to designers, magicians, and beyond. David Copperfield called them “the best playing cards ever produced.” We use only the finest paper coatings for the most durable, long-lasting feel and finish. Where are theory11 playing cards made?

Where are theory 11 cards made?

Inspired by Marvel Studios’ The Infinity Saga. #Avengers #InfinitySaga #Marvel #theory11 ⚒️ Thursday evening Artisans. Designed by hand in Cape Town, South Africa. Made in America. #theory11

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