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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple iTunes compatible with Windows 10?

Update: iTunes 12.3 Compatible To Windows 10. Like iTunes 12, iTunes 12.2 is compatible to Windows 10. iTunes 12.2 for Windows was released together with Apple Music on June 30, 2015. Apple Music is Apple’s new music streaming service including Apple’s first radio station Beats 1.

What are the icons for Windows 10?

Steps to add desktop icons on Windows 10: Click the bottom-left Start button, input desktop icon in the blank search box, and then tap Show or hide common icons on the desktop in the results. Step 2: Select the desktop icons to be added. As the Desktop Icon Settings window turns up, select the icons you want to add to the desktop from Computer,...

What is the theme of Apple?

The one-word prevailing message in the story is the word "Apple" that symbolizes temptation and the dishonest life lived by Mario before. The theme of the story is, it is man's basic instinct that drives him towards his survival. But, no matter what he should not forget that society expects him to confirm to its norms.

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