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Frequently Asked Questions

What is teacherteacher created resources?

Teacher Created Resources is the leading publisher of educational materials, classroom decorations & teacher supplies for preschool, elementary & middle schools.

What's in the kindergarten teacher resource book?

This kindergarten teacher resource book includes: A year's worth of teacher lesson plans STEAM design challenges that turn elementary students into inventors Easy-to-follow lesson format (with standards identified for each lesson) Classroom-tested lessons The STEAM Design Challenges in this book follow...

What is the purpose of this book preschool in practice?

This book provides creative, hands-on strategies for developing preschoolers’ speaking, listening, and oral comprehension skills, within a literacy-rich classroom environment. Each chapter features helpful classroom vignettes; a section called Preschool in Practice, with step-by-step lesson ideas; and Ideas for Discussion, Reflection, and Action.

What are the best books on literacy for preschoolers?

Literacy Beginnings: A Pre-Kindergarten Handbook by Fountas and Pinnell Fountas and Pinnell are top experts in the field of literacy. In this book they discuss ways to support the beginning literacy skills in preschoolers. The authors look at language, emergent reading and writing, and ways to support all types of literacy play in the classroom.

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